In April of 2007, Dome3D was incorporated with the vision of producing quality fulldome content for the planetarium industry.  Today Dome3D works in many mediums for a wide variety of clientele.  SpacePark360, Dome3D's flagship fulldome production, plays around the world to great fanfare.  Many planetariums, some in exotic locations, have had Dome3D lead fulldome training sessions in their newly built or upgraded digital theaters.  We have also partnered with hardware and software vendors to create a one stop shop for fulldome systems, content, training and support.

On a personal note - from exploring and teaching new fulldome production methods, developing a passion for time lapse photography and increasing my understanding of astronomy, biology, history and everything in between (even jumping out of a plane), this journey has been one of personal growth and artistic experimentation. Meeting so many talented people these past five years, has been nothing short of inspiring. 

I am grateful to my family, friends, business partners and clients for the guidance and support you have all shared over these past five years.  I believe that bigger and better things lie ahead for Dome3D.  I'm looking forward to continuing the journey.

Matthew Mascheri
President / Founder of Dome3D LLC



Dome3D LLC established in April

Bad Astronomy fulldome scenes created


SpacePark360 Production begins

SecondCity shot and debuts at DomeFest 2008, winning a Domie

MyMilwaukee shot for MPM

GLPA Sponsor - Milwaukee, WI


Developed FullSphere 360° images for the dome

Fulldome Production Training in Myanmar and India

Awarded Telly for time lapse work on SecondCity

Photography shoot for E&S' show Violent Universe

IMERSA sponsor @ Griffith Observatory event - LosAngeles, CA

SEPA Sponsor - Nashville, TN

GLPA Sponsor - Bay City, MI

DUG Sponsor - Salt Lake City


Adaptive Biotechnologies web videos

Premiere of SpacePark360 @ Cranbrook Institute

SpacePark360: Geodesium Edition premieres at SEPA

Alexandria: Harbor of Knowledge trailer created

Production begins on Amp's Amazing Night Flight

IMERSA sponsor @ Jackson Hole Film Festival - Denver, CO

GLPA sponsor - Notre Dame, IN

RedStick Animation Festival - Baton Rouge, LA


Groupon Virtual Tour

Amp's Amazing Night Flight fulldome show completed

Skydive Chicago Virtual Tour

SpacePark360: Lucid Dreaming Edition premieres at Tellus Museum / SEPA

Elumenati Integrators

E&S Outreach distributors

GLPA Sponsor - Champaign, IL

SEPA Sponsor - Young Harris, GA

WAC Sponsor - Killeen, TX


SpacePark360: Trackpack #1 production is under way

IMERSA sponsor - Denver, CO

IPS sponsor - Baton Rouge, LA

SpacePark360: Geodesium Edition plays at Jena Fulldome Festival Jena, Germany takes 4th place

Deep Oceans exhibit animation for the Australian Museum

Production Training @ The Children's Museum in West Hartford, CT

Losing the Dark - content created for IDA's PSA about light pollution

DUG Sponsor - Salt Lake City

Production Training @ Vedarth Animations in Mumbai, India


SpacePark360: Trackpack #1 becomes SpacePark360: Infinity, with 9 new rides!

IMERSA Sponsor - Denver CO

Freedom360, 4K multi camera fulldome video rig, introduced at IMERSA.

GP185, single fisheye GoPro solution, introduced at IMERSA.images 

360 Cities images licensed to Bella Gais

SPONSOR - Fulldome Database

First Freedom360 Kit ships (March)

First GP185 Kit ships (March)

First license of SpacePark360: Infinity pre-sold!

Agreement reached with Axel Mellinger to produce fulldome models of his Milky Way images


Training @ Sudekum Planetarium at the Adventure Science Center Nashville, TN


Production training in San Fransisco

SlicedTomoato Clemson University 360 shoot

Leviathan / BMW 360 video shoot





DUG Germany



SpacePark360: Infinity released!

SpacePark360 content now playing in over 50 theaters world-wide!

Walt Disney home restoration project

Symphony of Science goes fulldome!