Kolor software training

Learn 360 video production with Dome3D, a certified Kolor Academy traning partner.  

Using the Kolor 360  Video suite (Autopano Video Pro and Autopano Giga), Dome3D will provide you with a solid foundation in 360-degree video capture, stitching, editing and publishing.  Dome3D was part of the first certified trainer session, and has completed a comprehensive training program designed by the Kolor Team.  Contact us below to setup a training session in Chicago or at your location.

The Level 1 training is one or two day course (depending on your knowledge of filming 360 video). 

Level 1 covers:

  • Learning the basics of the Kolor's AVP and APG software workflow
  • Have a solid understanding of recording and stitching 360° videos
  • Learn different stitching approaches using the supplied Kolor scenes
  • Passing a "final exam" will entitle you to a Level 1 certification from Kolor for 1 year

Training is available at our location in our suburban Chicago location or we can travel to your location. There is a cap of four people in a training session.

Beyond the Level 1 training there is also an advanced Level 2 training.

Level 2 covers:

  • Advanced stitching methods with AVP and APG
  • Working with third party programs to enhance and publish 360 footage to various platforms
  • Problem solving using your footage
  • Passing a "final exam" will entitle you to a Level 2 certification from Kolor for 1 year

After a session (either Level 1 or Level 2) has been completed, there is post training support via Skype / Google Hangout / remote desktop at $225 per hour.

Please let us know if you have any questions, or if you have any sample footage you would like us to look at.


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